A powerful, practical and inspiring 12 week coaching course to help you kickstart your career change when you don't know what to do.


Dread Mondays? Stuck in a career that doesn't feel right? No clue what to do instead? 

This 12 week online group coaching course is designed to help take you on a journey of self-discovery, understanding what makes you tick, uncovering new possibilities and helping you actively pursue a career that fits you better.

Be prepared for a complete mindset makeover! Throughout the course, and beyond, you'll gain expert guidance, clarity and confidence on what kind of work will suit you best, based on an assessment of your passions, skills and what the world will pay you for. You'll finish the course with a clear plan of action and move into the next phase of your career with ongoing support from an amazing network of other career changers.

Kat Atherton, Career Coach

What Becki said:

"The practical and magical tools Kat provides you with and the life skills you learn along the way throughout the course are brilliant! The most important part for me has been the change of mindset and the career opportunities my new mindset has opened me up to." 

How does the course work?

  • Once you enrol you'll receive a Welcome Email with your pre-course materials (everything can be accessed online) to work through. before your kick-off group coaching call. 
  • The course is supported by weekly group coaching calls (Online using Zoom) on Sunday evenings from February 2 onwards at 7.30pm. 
  • After the first coaching call, you'll receive weekly activities to complete. We will start each coaching session with a debrief of what you've learned.
  • There are three phases of the course to allow you to transition through from idea generation, to re-programming your mindset and to finally pre-validating your career options, before you make a leap.
  • The group coaching calls are recorded for anyone who can't make it, but to gain maximum benefit from the course, you need to join the calls live.
  • When you enrol, you'll have automatic access to a fabulous community of career changers for ongoing support, inspiration and accountability.

What Alex said:

"The course has been brilliant, I’m so glad I took the decision to invest in this! I’m so grateful to Kat, she is kind, feisty, encouraging and inspiring; she’ll get you out of your comfort zone and onto a path to a career that fits you better." 

The REDESIGN YOUR CAREER course includes:

  • 12 Week Group Course to Change your Career starting Jan 26th
  • Welcome materials to get started with before the first coaching call 
  • 12 x Sets of weekly activities to complete 
  • 12 x Weekly Coaching Calls (recorded) for 3 months
  • Access to an amazing online community of Career Changers
  • Email support from Kat throughout the course



Invest in yourself....your future self will thank you!

What Liz said:

"My confidence improved through working with Kat on the 12 week course, and now I am a COO in the charity sector, just where I wanted to be. I am happier and more confident and thanks to Kat's course I have the tools to keep moving my new career forward." 

Hi, I'm Kat!

I'm a certified coach trained in how to support people going through career transition (even when they don't know what they want to do). I work with people who feel stuck in a career rut and want to find their passion & their purpose and step into a career that is right for them! I use a tried and tested method developed by Firework Coaching and hold a coach license with them.

Find out more about Kat at

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What others have said....

Why are you sitting on the fence?

The REDESIGN YOUR CAREER group course only runs 3 times a year and I want to help as many people as possible because finding a more fulfiling career will change your life. Places are limited to single digits to ensure you get the attention and accountability you need so it's essential that you reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment.

You may not feel like you can commit to the upfront cost so to make it as affordable and accessible as possible for those who are determined to make a career shift, I’ve gone against all the advice and I offer a payment plan. 

You can get started on the group course for £325 per month.


If you have doubts about whether this is the right course for you (or if you are the right person to work with me) then I offer the opportunity to have a completely free, no obligations chat with me, or one of my course ambassadors on the phone. We'll discuss your current situation and what you'd like to achieve. You can ask any questions you have about coaching and the career change course. You do not have to commit to enrolling over the phone.